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We're happy to share messages by Pastor Annette, who is a gifted communicator. 
Pastor Annette effectively makes the connection between the Bible's lessons and their
relevance to daily living. On occasion we have lay speakers fill in
to proclaim the weekly message. We post those great perspectives too!
Once you subscribe to the channel, click on "VIDEOS" for a complete list of all the sermons to date. 
Available to help those who may have missed a service or are unable to attend services.
Many people enjoy hearing each week's message any hour of the day, any day of the week,
at their convenience.  We hope you too will benefit!
  Something to Ponder.......... 
.........  Join the Mid-Week Spiritual Renewal Group?
Wednesday nights 7-8 PM at Gibson UMC.
Based on Charles Wesley's Class Meeting model for small group interaction;
a chance to check-in and recharge your spiritual batteries
by sharing how God is active in your life.        
Contact Carol Kostek at for info and questions.

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